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Water mega

Water security for Qatar

Providing sufficient
water reserves

For the future of Qatar

KAHRAMAA's commitment

To provide water security
News :
Kahramaa awarded Procurement and Construction Contracts for Construction of Mega Reservoir PRPSs: Packages A&C to M/s Consolidated Contracting Group (CCC) & Teyseer Contracting Co. JV (GTC 626/2014A & GTC 626/2014C), Package B to M/s HBK Contracting Co. (GTC 626/2014B), Package D to M/s Leighton Contracting Qatar (GTC 626/2014D) and Package E to M/s China Gezhouba Group (CGGC) & Burhan JV (GTC 626/2014E).

Water Security Mega Reservoirs Project

The objective of the Water Security Mega Reservoirs Project is to provide the 7 days of potable water storage in the new mega reservoirs and the existing and future secondary reservoirs preserving the water quality as per Kahramaa and World Health Organization (WHO) standards.

The first phase of the project will provide the 7 days of storage for the expected water demand at horizon 2026, with 5 mega reservoir sites. The second phase will provide the 7 days of water storage for expected demand in 2036 by adding additional reservoirs within the 5 mega reservoirs sites.

Mega reservoirs and pumping stations will be constructed at five strategic locations along the Qatar National Utility Corridor. First phase of the project, which is currently under implementation, will deliver storage capacity of about 2,300 million gallons of water in 24 huge concrete reservoirs and some 480km of buried ductile iron pipelines with diameter upto 1.6m.

Second stage of the project, which will be implemented after 2020, will include construction of additional pipelines and 16 new reservoirs within the 5 mega sites to achieve an ultimate total storage capacity of about 3,800 million gallons of water.


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