Can HPL availed without medical certificate?

Half Pay Leave:- All Government servants are entitled to 20 days of HPL for every completed year of service. Half pay leave can be availed with or without MC(Medical Certificate). From 1st January 1986, half pay leave is credited in advance at the rate of 10 days on the 1st of January and 1st of July every year.

How do I avail HPL?

A Government servant, who is eligible for Departmental leave under Rule 49, shall be entitled to half pay leave of twenty days on completion of twelve months of actual duty. The leave under this rule may be granted on medical certificate or on private affairs.

Who is eligible for half pay leave?

12(2) (c) When a member of the Service is removed or dismissed from service or dies while in service, credit of half pay leave shall be allowed at the rate of 5/3 days per completed calendar month up to the end of the calendar month preceding the calendar month in which he is removed or dismissed from service or dies

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Can I take commuted leave without medical certificate?

Treatment of period of absence No. the When Government servant himself is COVID Positive and is in home isolation/quarantine (1) Shall be granted Commuted Leave up to 20 days, if due and admissible, without Medical Certificate, on mere production of his COVID positive report. hospitalized.

How many days can take medical leave?

The quantum of leaves that can be carried forward should commensurate to the one provided under the applicable law. Any person appointed as an apprentice under the Act can avail medical leave for a maximum period of 15 days in a year and in case of accumulated leave up to 40 days in a year.

How many HPL are in a year?

Half Pay Leave (HPL)/Leave on Half Average Pay (LHAP) – Currently government employees are given 20 days of half pay leave for every year of service completed. This leave is credited in January (10 days)and July (10 days) every year.

How many days HPL can be encashed?

e. The maximum limit of encashment will be 480 days’ Half-Pay Leave commuted to 240 days with full pay.

How many HPL can be encashed?

As per the rule, Eligible employees can encash a total of 300 days Earned Leave, n case earned leave less than 300 days, then the remaining leaves can be taken from HPL, in total 300 days allowaed for leave encashment at the time of retirement.

Is Saturday and Sunday included in earned leave?

Saturdays and Sundays shall not be counted as days of annual leave except in cases covered by Section 9, third paragraph. While on annual leave, an employee shall receive holiday pay if he or she has earned such pay in accordance with Section 7.

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Is Sunday included in medical leave?

iii. Saturdays, Sundays, restricted holiday and holidays, whether intervening, prefixed or sufficed, shall not be counted as Casual Leave. iv. CL should not be granted for more than 5 days at any time, except under special circumstances.

What is leave salary?

Leave Salary means the monthly amount paid by Government to a Government employee on leave.

What is medical leave called?

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides certain employees with up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave per year. It also requires that their group health benefits be maintained during the leave.

What is commuted sick leave?

Based on 3 documents. 3. Save. Copy. Commuted Leave means leave admissible in exchange of half pay leave to a Government employee on medical ground or for prosecuting higher course of technical or scientific studies in public interest.

Who can issue medical certificate for central Government employees?

i) A Government servailt (gazetted or non-gazetted) who is a CGI-IS beneficiary and is living in an area covered by the CGHS at the time of illness shall be required to produce the McdicaltFitness Certificate, in the Form prescribed in Rule 19 of CCS(Leave) Rules, 1972, either from a CGHS doctor or a Government